We support the integration of migrants for a positive health outcome. To achieve this, we:

  • Disseminate information of public interest to migrant communities
  • Assist people from the migrant communities in accessing health and other public services
  • Promote and facilitate a sensitive dialogue, mutual awareness and understanding between the host society and the migrant communities
  • Promote the full participation of migrant communities in the life of the host society

Impact on health

Successful multi-dimensional integration has a positive impact on migrant health.

Two-way process

Integration is ‘a dynamic, two-way process of mutual accommodation by all immigrants and residents of the host country’


Integration implies respect for the basic values of the host country without having to relinquish your own identity

Conducive context

Successful integration requires that the host country supports and provides the context enabling migrants to navigate the country system in order to meet one’s diverse needs (psychological, social, educational, economic etc.).

Help from faith groups

Faith-based groups may also provide both spiritual fellowship and nonspiritual practical assistance to help migrants in the variety of problems that face.

Community organisations

Community organisations can play an important role in accompanying and supporting their members during the integration process.