About us

●Who we are

We are here for the health of migrants

Migrant Plus is a project of Acet Ireland (RCN 20027810). The project supports the integration of people from migrant background living in the Republic of Ireland for better health outcome. It delivers talks on HIV and offers culturally sensitive HIV testing for free.

The project works with both community groups, local faith communities and individuals from migrant background.


●What we do

We work with migrant community groups and faith-based organisations:

♦We help them mobilise on issues affecting the health of their members;

♦We offer information and other resources that can empower them for that purpose; we provide them with tailored support if needed.

♦We support better health for migrants through better integration in the host society*. 

♦We offer rapid HIV testing for migrants, free for charge. We also provide HIV self-test kits for those who find it more convenient to do the test by themselves.

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●How we do it


Relay, disseminate public health information to increase awareness.


Motivate communities to take action for a positive impact on their health


Enable community leaders to work towards better health for their members.


Assist communities towards a multi-dimensional integration and better health.


Facilitate and maintain links with migrant community for effective collaboration


●Our team

Richard Carson
CEO - ACET Ireland
Yvon Luky
Coordinator - Migrant Plus
Chipo Harper
Support worker - Migrant Plus